Conference Theme

The theme for IRSC 2019 is Innovation and Technology: Changing the Future of Rail Safety

Industry experts at the plenary sessions will present papers on the three sub-themes for the conference:

  1. Ensuring Railway Safety in New Technology and Work Practices
    • Demonstrating safety in new technology
    • Automation challenges
    • Competence and skills in a more automated industry
  2. Maintaining Interoperability in Innovation
    • Interoperability Vs Innovation
    • Improving your safety profile through innovation
  3. Can Risk Management and Assurance Keep Pace with Technology?
    • Risk Management and Assurance
    • Regulation and innovation – performance (systems) based regulation
    • Operational Demands Vs Financial Constraints “Don’t save yourself into trouble”


Top reasons for attending IRSC 2019

  • Opportunities to connect and network with a global railway safety community.
  • Opportunities to see best practice in action in a country that has rapidly expanding railways.
  • Learn how Australia is successfully leveraging technology in an industry where there are long standing assets.
  • Learn how Australia is moving mountains with freight operations on an awe-inspiring scale.
  • Learn how Australia is approaching and providing solutions to long standing metro problems to meet the demands of the future.
  • Understand how Australia‚Äôs collection of railways delivers on its promise with very high levels of safety, despite its complexity and disaggregation – supported by organisations such as RISSB.



The IRSC was founded in 1990 and the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and National Transport Commission (NTC) have for many years been regular attendees at the annual conferences.

Participants include:

  • Railway safety management
  • Railway infrastructure managers
  • Train and tram operators
  • Government authorities
  • Safety regulators
  • Accident investigation agencies
  • Railway worker trade unions

The International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) Core Group comprises key organisations and people who provide a high-level policy and steering group to plan the future direction of the IRSC. Members include:

AUSTRALIA – Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB); Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB)
AUSTRIA – Trade Union
CANADA -Transportation Safety Board (TSB); Railway Association of Canada (RAC)
CHINA (HONG KONG) – MTR Corporation Ltd, Hong Kong (MTR); Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong (EMSD)
EASTERN EUROPE – Free Trade Union of Railway Workers
EUROPE – European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)
GERMANY – DB AG; Eisenbahn- Bundesamt (EBA)
INDIA – Indian Ministry of Railways
IRELAND – Commission for Railway Regulation; Irish Rail
KOREA – Korea Railroad Research Institute
NORWAY – Norwegian Railway Authority; Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN)
SOUTH AFRICA – Rail Safety Regulator
SWEDEN – Swedish Transport Administration
UNITED KINGDOM – Office of Rail Regulation (ORR); Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB)
UNITED STATES – Association of American Railroads (AAR)
World Community – Union Internationale des chemins de fer (UIC)

Organising Committee