Call for Papers

Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for consideration at the IRSC 2019. The deadline for submissions was Friday 12 April 2019.

The IRSC 2019 Technical and Steering Committees have been impressed by the number and quality of submissions received.
Authors will be advised of acceptance from early June 2019.

Once confirmed, all accepted authors will receive an information pack including a template with a style guideline and timeline for developing drafts and submitting final papers and presentation.

Conference Theme

The theme for IRSC 2019 is Innovation and Technology: Changing the Future of Rail Safety

Industry experts at the plenary sessions will present papers on the three sub-themes for the conference:

  1. Ensuring Railway Safety in New Technology and Work Practices
    • Demonstrating safety in new technology
    • Automation challenges
    • Competence and skills in a more automated industry
  2. Maintaining Interoperability in Innovation
    • Interoperability Vs Innovation
    • Improving your safety profile through innovation
  3. Can Risk Management and Assurance Keep Pace with Technology?
    • Risk Management and Assurance
    • Regulation and innovation – performance (systems) based regulation
    • Operational Demands Vs Financial Constraints “Don’t save yourself into trouble”

Instructions for abstract submission:

Abstracts must contain original material that has not been previously published. All abstracts are to be submitted electronically. Abstracts which are not submitted electronically will not be considered. The abstracts will be reviewed, assessed and selected by the IRSC 2019 Technical and Steering Committees.

Abstracts must disclose the identity of the presenter(s) and author(s) and it is expected that authors will present their own papers at the IRSC 2019.

The abstracts must be drafted in line with the formatting specified below:

  • Abstract title (will appear in the final programme)
  • English language
  • Text format: 400 – 600 words MS Word or PDF (doc-file)
  • No references, tables, figures, pictures or any other images
  • No special characters or formatting (TrueType fonts, If applicable, please replace Greek
    letters with the actual word e.g. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.)
  • No brand names in the abstract title
  • No more than three authors per abstract
  • The author is responsible to ensure that the abstract is received by the deadline date

Abstract review:

During abstract review, the following criteria will be considered:

  • International awareness
  • Wide range of international interests
  • Practical solutions: key lessons/learning points, with potential for fruitful discussions and world-wide relevance
  • Innovation/new topics at IRSC: new ideas and solutions including their applicability to the council themes, new presenters at IRSC
  • Council themes: applicability to the council themes



13 February 2019

The Call for Papers launch

12 April 2019

Deadline for abstract submissions

Early June 2019

Confirm accepted papers

19 August 2019

Papers due

20 September 2019

Final papers and presentations due

13 October 2019

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